Fahjem is a young elephant girl. Born in July 2016. Her mother died at birth. The father unknown. Shortly after her birth, she tapped into a snare trap set by farmers to protect their crops. Villagers alerted the gamekeepers. These brought the heavily injured elephant baby to the Nongnooch Garden Pattaya, home to more than 100 elephants, which were set free in forests or became too expensive for their owners. The garden owner immediately responded and the baby elephant was put through emergency surgery. A part of one front leg had to be partially amputated. Fahjem was the first elephant ever to receive a leg prosthesis and hydrotherapy in a swimming pool that had been specially converted for her. The press reported on this extraordinary rehabilitation effort internationally. Nursing elephants live in the garden. One adopted Fahjem as a new daughter and let her nurse. In the meantime Fahjem has become accustomed to her prosthesis and the wound has healed very well. Of course, Fahjem is still under medical observation by the gardens own veterinarians. The garden owner puts in the needed effort and money. And when he sees Fahjem smile, his heart fills with pleasure, for Fahjem reminds him of how his own story began and a friendship that still characterizes him today.

The German Author Constantin Himmelried wrote a book about the Story of Fahjem and the Nongnooch Garden, which he dedicatet to Khun Kampon, the owner of Nongnooch Tropical Garden. The book with the title "Fahjem - Clear blue sky" is available since 2018 in german and english all over the world. (Click here)

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The Name

In the 80s, a baby elephant was chained up and left to her fate. Shackled. No escape. Her future was gloomy. Like a sky filled with dark clouds. Until the same man, the owner of the garden, rescued the elephant baby.

And so she was given the name - which the newest baby elephant was also given following her rescue - of "Clear blue sky" - Fahjem.

Species Protection

Fahjem is an Asian elephant and therefore belongs to a species that is threatened with extinction. The botanical garden with an elephant reserve is dedicated to protecting Asian elephants and ensuring their preservation. On average, 12 elephant babies are born every year in the Nongnooch Garden Pattaya.


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